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Freight transportation

“Husky Logistics” can offer international freight transportation by truck. The fact that we have branches in two crucial logistical spots – Helsinki and Shanghai – allows us to provide effective freight transportation by truck in numerous directions.

Advantages that “Husky Logistics” offers

Trucking is often the transportation method of choice in modern times. This has to do with a whole variety of unarguable advantages it offers:

  • Direct transportation from the sender to the recipient with no additional unloading and loading required en route;
  • Transportation in any direction;
  • Availability of both composite and full-truck transportation;
  • Delivery of Chinese goods by truck via Kazakhstan;
  • Constant control over the freight’s status and location;
  • Possibility of using specialized vehicles for oversized or dangerous cargo transportation; We also provide the processing of the documents necessary for such transportation;
  • Temperature-dependent freight transportation;
  • Processing of paperwork required for transportation via transit territories;
  • Customs paperwork processing;
  • 100% Honest and legal operations in  customs documents processing;
  • We use only 100% legal methods of transportation.

Organizing cargo transportation by truck with “Husky Logistics”

Our company offers very professional financial and logistical expertise which helps the Client save money and time in many different ways. Our staff is very qualified in making the best route and vehicle decisions while making adjustments for every individual case.  We only require the cargo parameters and the departure, destination and time frame for the transportation. “Husky Logistics” is partnered with very reliable companies and is equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles which guarantee effective and secure cargo transportation.

Determining the costs of transportation

You can enquire about the transportation costs on our website. After you submit the necessary information (cargo description, destination, departure locations, volume, weight of the cargo etc.) our specialists will contact you about the cost in the shortest time possible.