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Cargo delivery from the US

Cargo delivery from the US is a service that requires a combination of approaches. We, “Husky Logistics” offer timely international cargo delivery from North America for a very moderate price and we also support door-to-door delivery.

What enables us to offer such services?

  • Long-term partnerships with our colleagues from abroad allows us not only to significantly reduce the price of the service and guarantee the timeliness of the delivery, but to track the position and status of your cargo at any moment in time.
  • The ability to solve a variety of third-country specific issues. Our branch office in Finland offers cargo remarking, customs documentation adjustment and producing export declarations amongst many over services.
  • The ability to transport consolidated cargo by sea or air.
  • Our transport abilities come first-hand – no additional fees for third parties.

We insure every cargo that we deliver from North America – the client’s security is our top priority. Our experienced managers can help you choose the right insurance plan for your cargo and provide you with maximum comfort on every stage of the delivery.

Consolidated cargo delivery

Consolidated cargo delivery can be provided by the seller delivering the goods to our warehouses and by having us pick up the cargo from the seller. Depending on your goals you can choose delivery by sea or by air. The delivery to and from the warehouses is provided by our own trucks which allows to minimize your financial investments and optimize time en route. Our company offers the service of processing import documents for distilled goods.

Consolidated cargo deliveries by sea from North America can be sent from any large seaport in the US: our company is represented (either by our own employees or our partners’) on the whole coast of the country. Cargo is usually transported to Saint Petersburg or a nearby port in no more than 40-45 days from the West coast and 20-25 days from the East coast.

Deliveries by air from the US are assisted by our partnerships with agencies in all large US airports.