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Containerized cargo transportation

Containerized cargo transportation to Russia

Containerized cargo transportation is a modern, convenient and safe cargo transportation method. It is also the cheapest cargo transportation method to date. Another unarguable advantage of this method lies in the absolute security of the cargo en route. A container is an isolated metal box which denies unauthorized access to the cargo as well as nullifying many sources of mechanical damage. To enhance the security even further, the container is sealed upon departure. On a final note, the ability to track the container’s location the whole duration of the transportation process provides additional security.

“Husky Logistics” has a large amount of containers and so will always be able to provide you the necessary equipment. In order to request this service you need just to contact our company – from that moment on, all your worries will be handled by our trained professionals. “Husky Logistics” has extensive worldwide connections and offices in Kazakhstan, the USA, Finland, CIS countries and other regions.
Containerized transportation allows you to transport cargo of very varying proportions.

Container types

“Husky Logistics” can provide you with many different types of containers.

  • Standard container
    • 20 feet (20 or 24 tons)
    • 40 feet (35 tons)
    • 45 feet (High cube)
    • 40 feet (for oversized cargo)
  • Refrigerating/heating container
    • 20 feet
    • 40 feet
  • Flatracks for oversized cargo
    • 20 feet
    • 40 feet
  • Cistern containers designed for liquid and gaseous cargo
    • 20 feet
    • 40 feet

Special characteristics of containerized cargo transportation

Containerized cargo transportation is considered a multimodal transportation, i.e. the cargo changes its transporter en route. However, the cargo itself doesn’t change its position in the container.

“Husky Logistics” offers the following services connected to containerized cargo transportation:

  1. Cargo insurance
  2. Yellow-band area professional service request
  3. Loading and unloading your cargo
  4. Tracking the location of your cargo
  5. Positioning your cargo securely in the container
  6. Cargo forwarding

Our highly professional staff will allow you to send your cargo quickly and easily to any destination.