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Dangerous cargo delivery

Dangerous cargo delivery. Classification

The biggest advantage of cargo transportation by truck is the possibility of delivering the goods directly to the doorstep of the receiving side. It is also possible that the route the truck will take is more direct than other means of transportation, most of the time resulting in a cheaper procedure. Dangerous cargo transportation follows these steps:

  • Processing all the necessary documents;
  • Preparations for the cargo and delivery vehicle;
  • The transportation itself;
  • Delivery of the cargo to the receiving side.

There are various laws and regulations about the transportation of dangerous cargo, so it is necessary to choose a delivery service that has proven its worthiness time and again.

Dangerous cargo

Dangerous cargo is defined as flammable, explosive, poisonous, and otherwise hazardous in either loading, unloading or transportation.

The top-10 dangerous cargo types consist of:

  • Explosive substances (pyrotechnics and other explosive substances, especially those that may result in a fire)
  • Any gases (liquid, compressed or dissolved)
  • Easily flammable substances (oil, petrol)
  • Easily flammable objects and hazardous substances (cargo that can easily catch fire from outside disturbances en route)
  • Oxidizable liquids and organic peroxides (Substances capable of producing oxygen and thus strengthening a possible fire, also easily flammable substances)
  • Poisonous and infectious substances (Cargo, capable of causing infection or lethal poisoning to humans when it gets inside the body or on the mucous membrane)
  • Corrosive and acidic substances (Cargo capable of causing skin or mucous membrane damage or metal corrosion)
  • Nuclear substances (Any cargo that is capable of emitting radiation)
  • Other cargos that may not be as dangerous as the abovementioned, but must be handled as recorded in the according safety rules and regulations.

Sea delivery of dangerous cargo is even more demanding on the delivery company’s professionalism, because the cargo is a source of danger for the whole cargo vessel. Considering the importance of this process, there are many laws and safety regulations that minimize occasions of health or environment damage.

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