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Consolidated goods transportation

There are numerous methods of goods transportation. Consolidated goods transportation is considered to be the most popular one. Consolidated goods transportation refers to transporting freights of small sizes from different clients in one direction. This transportation method allows the Client to save a considerable amount of money when transporting small goods, however medium-sized and large goods are usually not transported this way. Consolidated goods transportation is the way to go for transporting small sized goods.

Rate for consolidated goods transportation
Helsinki – Saint Petersburg

weight, кг Saint Petersburg, euro
0-100 350
101-200 380
201-300 380
301-500 420
501-750 450
751-1000 500
1001-2000 540
2001-3000 580
3001-4000 620
4001-5000 660
5001-6000 720
6001-7000 760
7001-8000 800

Goods transportation in Saint-Petersburg

Consolidated goods transportation has gained extreme popularity due to the size of our country. One of the most heavily-loaded routes is the Saint-Petersburg route. A very large amount of goods goes to and from Saint-Petersburg, thus there is never a problem in organizing consolidated goods transportation in this direction. The large amount of transportation traffic in this direction is due to the city being located close to the border. The quickest route to Europe from Russia is via Saint-Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg’s infrastructure is developed very well – the roads are in prime condition, the seaport has excellent dock capacity and the city has its own customs control.
Saint-Petersburg deals with huge amounts of goods all the time, including consolidated goods from Finland. Goods transportation over borders is always a process that requires many special documents and permits. “Husky Logistic” provides comfortable transportation of goods over borders. We operate in every direction and provide door-to-door transportation with no participation required from you. Our company has numerous excellent business partners abroad, hence delivery and transportation don’t cause many problems.

Transportation from Europe

We are assisted in consolidated goods transportation from Europe by our business partners who offer affordable prices and are always happy to cooperate. They work very efficiently and transport goods in very good time. The goods always arrive on time.
Thanks to our coordination with our Shanghai and Helsinki branch offices our company always has accurate information about these cities’ warehouses. We can track the goods’ status and location at all times for your comfort.
Our company offers a variety of services:

  1. Worldwide consolidated goods transportation.
  2. Expeditious sea and air transportation

Key advantages offered by “Husky Logistic”:

  1. Our organization takes upon itself the whole process of transportation document confirmation
  2. Customized solutions for each client

Additional information

  1. Included: processing of CMR, TIR 100 euros
  2. Included: processing of electronic TIR (1-2 codes). Each additional code comes at 5 euros
  3. Transportation prices do not include 18% VAT on Russian Federation territory (if you do not separate the prices of transportation before and after the border we apply 0% VAT).

Embarking and Disembarking time

Abroad : 4 hours
On Russian Federation territory: 24 hours


Basic: 200 euros / day (including VAT). 1 m3 = 333 kg, 1 route meter = 2000kg.
If the goods are due for transit (in T-1 mode) the base price is increased by 50 euros (provided they are not shipped from Russian Cargo Service OY warehouses).
Dangerous goods transportation (ADR) +20%

Goods with temperature requirements: +25%.